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Muscle spasms are the most commonly occurring body pain. And I’m quite certain about it that everybody has experienced these cramps from time to time. Muscle cramps can occur at any given time. Be it, if you are walking or running or having a swim or simply resting.

Muscle cramps are most likely to occur in the feet or calves resulting in the tightening of the muscles. Muscle cramps are most likely to occur because of the involuntary muscle contractions or in other words spasms.

Now to be precise about these muscle cramps, the first query which arises is that, what exactly causes these cramps..? The major reason for a muscle spasm to occur is dehydration and muscle fatigue. Other reasons may include poor blood circulation to your muscles and even side effects from certain medications. There can be variety of reasons to which people fall prone to, and mineral deficiency can also play a major role. 

Although these cramps can be sorted out if taken precautionary measures but once the cramp does happen, there is no going back. And since many people are not into medications much, here in this very article we are going to suggest some reaping benefits of essential oils, which utilizes natural products for faster and safer healing.


Before directly introducing you to the healing wonders of essential oils let us suggest some precautions that you can take to avoid such unpleasant muscle cramps in future.

So the number one thing you can do is that before doing any type of exercise try to stretch a little bit or do a quick warm up. What it will do is that it will get the blood circulating for you and reducing the chances of a cramp. Secondly, stay hydrated no matter what the circumstances are, water is essential for your system to keep running.

 Now for the essential oils- You will be quite surprised to know about the properties they constitute of in treating your muscle spasms. Following is the list of such essential oils for you to try.


Lavender is probably the most frequently used essential oil to treat muscle pain or cramps. This oil is so famous that other then treating the muscle spasms it’s also used to treat neck pain, asthma and other such recurring conditions. Lavender has a broad spectrum of its use in medicine for ages.

Lavender is popular in treating the muscle pain and spasms and further for sprains and rheumatism too, which ultimately makes the lavender oil a must have in every house hold.

Cramps can occur frequently if you suffer from any sort of stress, and lavender is a good remedy to give you relief from stress too, so it can work in either ways for you.


 Next up is marjoram, which is also effective in treating muscle sprains and cramps. The one thing which makes marjoram so effective is that it consists of the properties of antispasmodic, which along with easing the muscle also relieve an individual from intestinal spasms as well.

 As it gives relief from involuntary spasms it works great in treating arthritis and migraine. It also elevates the mood when you’re feeling down. So marjoram essential oil is must to have on your grocery list.

  1. THYME

 Thyme is very powerful natural oil, which has tons of applications in the field of medicine. And since it works best for your digestive and respiratory system it can also be applied on your body for a gentle relief from muscular pain.

And since the concentration of thyme is quite dense, you may as well consider diluting it before using directly on the skin.


 Since many would not be aware of the plant ‘’winter green’’ let us demonstrate it for you. The winter green plant consist of methyl salicylate which consist of some very powerful healing properties.

Wintergreen plant is an historic plant which was in use for ages. And its benefits to the health are no less. It gives instant pain relief as it constitutes powerful cortisone-like effects.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties of wintergreen oil are very effective in treating the muscle sprains and cramps.


 The antispasmodic properties of eucalyptus oil are derived from the eucalyptus plant which is an excellent remedy to treat muscle cramps. This oil is especially recommended for patients suffering from nerve pain and muscle injuries as it consists of analgesic qualities. 


Fennel is a traditional oil to treat muscular spasms and sprains. And the antispasmodic property makes it even more reliable to treat body cramps.

It relaxes the nerves and relieves pain caused from rheumatism and helps fight inflammation.


Last on our list is the roman chamomile essential oil. This oil is amongst the most effective oil in treating muscle cramps and pain. It is amongst the list of those oils which consist of antispasmodic properties which is great in dealing and healing the sprains of muscles.


Now essential oils have a certain way in which, when they are used, gives you the best possible results. So some of the ways in which you can use your essential oils are:

  • Massaging: You can always opt for massaging the oil gently on the effected body part.
  • Bath soak: You can add several drops of oil in bath water and then soak in to it for a certain amount of time, until you feel relieved.
  • Compress: In this method you can take a towel, soak it well in water and add few drops of oil to it. Now wrap it around the affected area and watch it work for you.


 Essential oils require high care and precautions before use. Just keep in mind these small tips and you’ll be all set.

  • Always dilute the oil before using the original concentration.
  • Apply a little amount of oil on a small area first to see if it works well with your skin type.
  • Do read the ingredients; it is possible that you might spot a potential allergy causing content in there for you.



Essential oils have been in use for centuries now and there benefits are beyond imagination. If these oils are used in correct concentration and amount can give you the best results without any side effects.