Applying techniques

Applying techniques

Apply onto your Feet:

Apply Nuna Organic Essential oils to your feet and begin rubbing the top of the foot, around the ankles and slowly work your way down to the sole of the foot. Apply more pressure as you get closer to the sole and massage the arch of the foot, the heel and each individual toe. This will aid in relaxing pain and tension.

Apply onto your Shoulders:

Apply a generous amount of Nuna Organic Essential Oils onto your shoulders and use a revolving rotation to massage the area as the oil penetrates and relieves the pain in your shoulders.

Apply onto your Hands:

Applying Nuna Organic Essential Oils onto your hands will help to relieve you of any arthritis and joint pain, finger and palm tension, while relaxing the nerves in your hands. Gently rub the the oil on the palm and back of the hand, fingers and the wrist, using your thumbs in a circular motion. 

Apply onto Your Knees:

Apply Nuna Organic Essential oils for any muscle tension, soreness, and aches on the surface of your knees. Use a circulation motion for smooth and effective penetration to the site of pain. 

Apply onto your Back:

Apply Nuna Organic Essential oils to your back, using gliding movements, in long even strokes. Use the palm of your hands and start at the bottom of the back, moving upward. Always massage upward toward the heart (the direction of blood flow) while applying pressure, and then gently bring the hands down the outside of the back, using light friction, to help alleviate the pain.

Apply onto your Neck:

Apply Nuna Organic Essential oils to your neck, to alleviate tension and stiffness, by stroking your hands up and down the back of your neck to warm the area. Then use the fingers of both your hands to make deep,circular pressures all around the neck area, making sure that you do not apply pressure to the spine itself.

Apply onto your Legs:

 Apply Nuna Organic Essential Oils onto your legs to decrease any nerve pain, and muscle tension. The oils will aid to relieve muscle spasms and aid in relaxing your legs after an intense workout or long day at work. For varicose vein discomfort, use the oil to lightly massage the area next to the veins in question. Never massage directly over varicose veins because, it can worsen the problem, and always massage in direction toward the heart because it can be very beneficial. 

Apply onto cramp pains:

 Apply Nuna Organic Essential Oils onto the site of cramp pain on your body. The oils aid in decreasing cramp pains through the effective all natural ingredients. Apply a generous amount of oil onto the site of cramping pain, and massage the area in a circular motion.

Add 5 Drops of Nuna Essential Oils to your Bath water or Foot Spa:

 Add 5 drops of Nuna Organic Essential Oils into your Foot spa or bath water and you are sure to feel relieved and relaxed from any stress, tension, soreness, and pain. Adding the oil into your foot spa will help relieve you of dead skin cells, calluses on your feet, it will also aid in removing toxins through the pores of your feet.

Apply after a Work out or long day after work:

 Apply Nuna Organic Essential Oils onto your body where you have pain. Massage the oil thoroughly to relieve any pain and discomfort you may have. 

Simply inhale The oil:

By inhaling Nuna Organic Essential Oils, you are sure to feel relaxed and stress free. The chamomile, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and coconut oils, help you to feel positive, calm and alert.Before heading out in the morning, inhale the oil for a natural pick-me-up and awareness and if you start to feel stressed, inhale the oil and rub some on the areas just under your ears. At nighttime, inhale the oil to calm you down and relax you before bed.

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