Detailed product benefits and applications

Detailed product benefits and applications

Nuna pain

Helps with: sore muscles, headaches, tension, arthritis, muscle spasms, relaxation, and mild joint pain. Cramps.

How to apply: apply to the area by massaging oil onto the location of pain, for headaches, apply to temples, back of the neck, and inhale.

Peripheral neuritis

Helps with: chronic pain and aches, neuropathy, burning sensations, and sharp shooting pain. 

How to apply: apply to the area by massaging oil onto the location of the pain.

Extreme strength

Helps with: deep, severe pain, migraines, knee pain, joints, and severe arthritic pain.

How to apply: apply by rubbing oil onto the area of pain, using a circular motion for at least 15 seconds

Nuna’s best

Helps with: migraines 

How to apply: apply across forehead from one temple to the other.

Anti-scar blend

Helps with: scars, bites, cuts and minor burns as well as surgical scars. 

How to apply: apply to scar 3-4 times daily for better results. May also be used for pain but better with another pain relieving oil.

Asthma relief oil

Helps with: asthma, sinuses, congestion, lung spasms, mucus and phlegm, bronchitis, flu and colds.

How to apply: apply to neck, forehead,chest and throat. Put 3 sprays in diffuser or put 1 spray in hands, take 6 to 12 deep inhalations through nose and mouth 

Add/adhd/anxiety oil

Helps with: stress, add, adhd, anxiety

How to apply: diffuse. Inhale directly. Apply to temples, back of neck, and under nose

Ptsd oil

Helps with: anxiety, stress and depression due to trauma, it also helps with energy, focus and concentration. 

How to apply: put 1 spray in palm and rub together and inhale, also rub on temples.

Memory booster oil

Helps with: forgetfulness and loss of memory.

How to apply: add 1 spray in palm rub together and inhale, also rub on to temples.

Therapeutic massage oil

Helps with: dry skin, massage, relaxation and tension.

How to apply: diffuse massage onto the body 

Body and bath oil

Helps with: relaxation and stress bath oil.

How to apply: diffuse, add 3 to 4 sprays to bathwater, you may use as a massaging oil

Sleek bubble oil

Helps with: hair oil treatment for any hair type, deep conditioning, dandruff control, dry and itchy scalp, skin irritations, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and dry skin. 

How to apply: apply to hair scalp or beard. Apply to any skin irritation or rashes 

Hair boom-breeder oil

Helps with: hair growth oil that promotes hair growth on thinning or balding hair.

How to apply: apply to the the scalp or beard, massage into area.

Sweet dreams

Helps with: helps to relax the body and improve the ability to fall asleep.

How to apply: apply to the bottom of your feet, temples and under the nose. Put 1 spray into your hands and rub together then inhale 6 times.

Goat milk soaps

Helps with: dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. It helps moisturize the skin and keep it that way.

How to apply: use to wash with in a shower or bath.

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